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Wilderness Calling (KQED Radio)

Should we bring a cellphone when we go into the Great Outdoors? Does keep us connected to the outside world or dilute our experience of nature? I explored this question in an op-ed piece on KQED, San Francisco’s public radio station, based on a wake-up call I had in Yosemite National Park. Click the link below to listen. (2 minutes 20 seconds) Ferris KQED Perspective

The Mt. Aconcagua Misadventure (Podcast and Streaming)

In January 2007, I tagged along with a group of uber-athletes to climb Mt. Aconcagua (22,841 feet), the highest point in the Americas. Armed with a satellite phone, I kept a daily audio blog that transfixed hundreds of listeners during a dangerous, two-week ascent.

As the climb got harder each day,  I struggled with a question that is new to outdoor adventure in the 21st Century. When technology enables an intimate connection to home…and the climb starts going badly….does it change the outcome of the adventure itself?

I turned this heartbreaking and sometimes funny story into an audio broadcast entitled “Tough Call.” Enjoy it either streaming or as a podcast on iTunes.

Download the “Tough Call” iTunes podcast (includes cool slideshow, 30 minutes, 18 MB):

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