Three Perspectives on Climate Change

Last weekend was all about global warming. First, on Saturday, I attended the Washington, D.C. premiere of “Chasing Ice,” a new adventure documentary in which nature photographer James Balog attempted to capture glaciers in their death swoon.

See my review, and don’t miss the trailer:

On Sunday, I rode my bike to a theater [...]

The Great Weight of Asia’s Megacities

A “megacity” is a metropolis of 10 million souls or more. Back in 1950, the world had exactly two: Tokyo and New York. As of 2010, the world had 23 megacities, with 12 of them located in Asia. By 2025, according to the U.N., that number may rise to 37, with 21 of them being in Asia. How are countries like China and India adjusting to such an epic migration? [...]

The Scientist Who Went to Hollywood

Ecomagination has published my interview with Randy Olson, a most unusual kind of filmmaker. For the first half of his career, Olson pursued the career that is the dream of many a geeky adolescent: marine biologist. By the young age of 38 he actually achieved it. He earned a tenured professorship in marine biology at the University of New Hampshire. But upon achieving his dream he found it wasn’t quite a fit with his personality and aspirations. You see, Olson harbored another unrealistic fantasy, that of being a documentary filmmaker. He thought he could do both by working as a full-time academic and making movies on the side. But that’s before the scientific community met his plan with derision and scorn. [...]

Inspired, and Worried, by a Flyover of Greenland

A couple of weeks ago, midway through a flight from Frankfurt to Montreal, the pilot of our Air Canada flight came on the loudspeaker and said, “Passengers on both the right and left side of the airplane may want to raise your blinds and take a look at Greenland.” We did, and collectively gasped. I have flown over Greenland before, but never with this little cloud cover or with this crystalline clarity. [...]

What Matters This Week: A Price for the Volt, but None for Carbon

BP axes Tony Hayward, McDonald’s cooks up some localwashing, NASA gives us a pop quiz…. and more of the latest sustainability news. [...]

Help Me Interview the Navy’s Energy Czar

On Wednesday I have an interview at the Pentagon with Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, who is in charge of a hugely ambitious program to green the Navy. What should I ask her? [...]

The Weekly: Deep Ignorance in the Deep Ocean

From this week’s summary: Our Gulf of knowledge about the oil spill, Indonesia’s rainforests held for ransom, big news from Nissan and Zipcar, and some welcome news for the food movement. [...]

The Weekly: Oil Spreads, Forest Are Spared, and Green Ideas Sprout

News and solutions of the week from the world of cleantech and sustainability. [...]

The Weekly: UPS Hates Styrofoam, Prius Plans a Minivan

A roundup of the week’s news in sustainability and clean tech. [...]

The Weekly: Light Bulbs that Last Forever, Glaciers that Don’t, Solar Planes that Try

This week’s cleantech and sustainability news from around the Matter Network. [...]