Lessons in Patience from an Eco-Octogenarian

Last month I sat down with K.S. Sivaprasad, an Indian engineer and entrepreneur, to hear about his plans to bring a waste-to-energy factory to India. I learned that this sprightly 80-year-old had been at this effort for quite some time. Forty years, to be exact. […]


Three Perspectives on Climate Change

Last weekend was all about global warming. First, on Saturday, I attended the Washington, D.C. premiere of “Chasing Ice,” a new adventure documentary in which nature photographer James Balog attempted to capture glaciers in their death swoon.

See my review, and don’t miss the trailer:

On Sunday, I rode my bike to a theater […]


Dyeing Sports Clothes Without a Drop of Water

During the Olympics, sportswear giants Adidas and Nike made simultaneous announcements of a new dyeing process that uses carbon dioxide instead of water. Though few noted it at the time, this development is a very big deal. […]


Hide-and-Seek in a Chinese Factory

Workers at a Foxconn factory, China. Photographer unknown.

I almost forgot to mention an interesting story I wrote last month for Workforce.com about Apple and its recent misadventures in China.

The story, Who Makes Your Widgets? Lessons from Apple’s PR Nightmare, is addressed to companies worried about what labor violations might lurk in the […]