A Test Drive of India’s New Electric Car

The boxy little Mahindra e2o I drove around Bangalore back in January.

Back in January, I got the opportunity to test drive the Mahindra e2o, the first new electric car to be built in India in more than a decade. This wasn’t something I expected. On a visit to the new Mahindra Reva factory […]


Moving Through India’s Traffic at a Whisper

For Americans, the automobile horn is emergency equipment, deployed to avoid collision or express road rage. For Indians, the horn is more of a conversational tool, used by everyone — and I mean everyone — as they jostle in traffic. The racket is deafening. One wonders if the Indian motorist is some sort of terrestrial bat, navigating with ears instead of eyes. […]


Die, Bloodsuckers, Die

The most unwelcome sort of wildlife here in South India is the mosquitoes. They are tinier, stealthier versions of their American cousins and are far more dangerous, carrying as they do malaria and (most recently) an outbreak of dengue fever. This emergency calls for…the mosquito bat! […]


Remembering Corwin Hardham

Today I posted an obituary on Forbes of Corwin Hardham, the founder and CEO of Makani Power. I had been following Makani and Corwin with interest for a few years, and was sad to hear of his passing last month. […]


Three Perspectives on Climate Change

Last weekend was all about global warming. First, on Saturday, I attended the Washington, D.C. premiere of “Chasing Ice,” a new adventure documentary in which nature photographer James Balog attempted to capture glaciers in their death swoon.

See my review, and don’t miss the trailer:

On Sunday, I rode my bike to a theater […]


America’s Other Wind Industry

A windmill at the American Wind Power Center and Museum, another stop on our Texas wind-energy tour. Photo credit: David Ferris

Two weeks ago I decamped to Lubbock, Texas, for the 22nd annual conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists. A highlight of these conferences is fleeing the hotel for field trips to places […]


Rooftop farms in NYC? Join me for a Google+ Hangout

Today at noon PT / 3 pm ET, I’ll talk with Sierra magazine’s senior editor Paul Rauber about the rooftop farms springing up across New York City. Please join us. The occasion is “Up on the Farm,” a feature story I wrote for the magazine’s November/December issue. Back in July, during a steamy heat wave, I visited two rooftop farms, Brookyn Grange and Gotham Greens — pioneering urban farms with drastically different approaches to feeding the city. […]


Will Economic Growth Destroy the Environment — or Save It?

This afternoon I fly to Lubbock, a town at the base of the Texas panhandle, for the annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Journalists. The conference is one of the professional highlights of the year because I get informed on the burning issues and get to huddle with really smart reporters. This year it is even more special because I am moderating my first-ever conference session. The topic: “Will Economic Growth Destroy the Environment — or Save It?” […]


Oregon Takes Wave Power to the Next Level

Last week found me in Oregon, hanging out with inventors and entrepreneurs who are focused on one goal: Turning the massive waves of the Pacific Ocean into a reliable and clean form of electricity. […]


Dyeing Sports Clothes Without a Drop of Water

During the Olympics, sportswear giants Adidas and Nike made simultaneous announcements of a new dyeing process that uses carbon dioxide instead of water. Though few noted it at the time, this development is a very big deal. […]