The Great Weight of Asia’s Megacities

A “megacity” is a metropolis of 10 million souls or more. Back in 1950, the world had exactly two: Tokyo and New York. As of 2010, the world had 23 megacities, with 12 of them located in Asia. By 2025, according to the U.N., that number may rise to 37, with 21 of them being in Asia. How are countries like China and India adjusting to such an epic migration? […]


Making Your Home More Efficient with Psychedelic Photos

Image credit: Essess

Essess is a Boston company that plans to drive by your home in the middle of the night and create an image that looks like this.

The footage was captured by an infrared thermal camera mounted on a Toyota RAV4, and the resulting picture has been tweaked into what Essess employee […]


Green Roofs, Seen from a Plane

This week, American Way magazine, the in-flight rag of American Airlines, published “Rooftop Wonders,” a story I wrote about the best green roofs in North America. […]


The Weekly: BP, Better Buildings and Bacteria-Bots

Big news and the best ideas from the world of cleantech and sustainability. […]


The Weekly: Oil Spreads, Forest Are Spared, and Green Ideas Sprout

News and solutions of the week from the world of cleantech and sustainability. […]


LEED Takes It to the Neighborhood

LEED, the building standard that has lightened the footprint of tens of thousands of structures, announced a new standard today that amplifies the idea to neighborhood scale. […]