My First Nemesis

Dubsie’s first bully is a boy with long silky brown hair, a wearer of berets and vests and gaily colored pants, who yanked hard on Dubsie’s earring when she had been at her new preschool only a few days. Let’s call him Newman.

Dubsie was not going to let bygones be bygones. “There,” she told […]


The Toothbrush Confessions

Dubsie doesn’t like to talk about her day. Ask her what she did at preschool and she says “Nothing!” or ignores the question and goes back to her Legos, a miniature teenager who hasn’t yet learned to sulk.

At night when it’s time for dental hygiene, I float a toothbrush in her direction and get […]


I love you, but I don’t like you

This is what Dubsie is telling me this week. She goes on to add that she loves Mummy and she likes Mummy. Then she tells me again, in case it wasn’t clear the first time, that she loves me but doesn’t like me.

When pressed for details (by Mummy, object of all affection) she divulges […]


Rhymes with Cupid

The email said that parents ought to send their kids to school with Valentines. Twenty valentines, to be exact, so no one’s heart is broken. At least that’s what Mummy told me the email said. I never saw the email, ok maybe I saw it and didn’t read it, or maybe there was something about […]


New Stratagems

A game of hide-and-seek with Dubsie is over almost before it begins. Instruct her to hide, cover eyes, count to ten. Open your eyes and she is ‘hiding’ square in a doorway, or her butt is sticking out from behind the couch. Before I can even pretend to look for her, she rushes out. “I […]


A Miniature Girl and Two Anxious Reindeer

When I heard that two reindeer would make an appearance at Swansons, our local garden store, I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed. “Reindeer!” I told Dubsie, who looked at me blankly, owing to her never having heard the word before. “You’ll get to feed reindeer! Aren’t you excited?”

We parked in […]


Her Royal Rumpness 

Every toddler has a favorite activity, like playing with trains or jumping on the bed or shrieking while turning in circles. I have observed closely and determined what Dubsie’s favorite activity is. She craves a good sit.

The princess in her many states of repose.

The first thing she does upon entering a room […]


Circles in the Air

At the Washington State Fair I gave Dubsie her first-ever sip of Coca-Cola. She raised her eyebrows. “Spicy!” she exclaimed. “Could I have some more?”

If the straw wandered anywhere near her mouth, it was sucked upon until forcefully withdrawn. I also fed her French fries and the breaded crust of a corn dog. This […]


A Long Walk

We took Dubsie camping on the Olympic Peninsula this weekend. This peninsula is one of the wettest places in the country, where the drizzle never stops, but somehow we hit a bullseye. Three straight days of sun. Mountains thrusting into the blue, and mossy glades threaded with soft light.

One day we had Dubsie lead […]


A Summer of Disquiet

Readers, sorry to take until nearly Thanksgiving to inform you of events that happened in summer. This post was especially hard to write, and came as I entered a busy patch that caused me to fall behind.

The weather has been alarmingly pleasant since we moved to Seattle. The first week in our new […]