Pulling Together in Columbia Heights

I carry Dubsie past the intersection of 11th and Kenyon to her Saturday morning music class. This is Columbia Heights, where the kids (mostly black) go to Tubman Elementary School and the professionals (mostly white) go to little hipster joints and pay $14 for a pork roll bialy sandwich.

Outside of BloomBars is a cluster […]


Whatever Works

Any catalog that arrives in our mailbox is hurled directly to the recycling bin, unless I pause to call the company, recite its serial numbers with the cold precision of an executioner, and send it to oblivion with a please-allow-six-to-eight-weeks-to-be-removed-from-our-mailing-list. To my way of thinking, a catalog — and especially a novelty catalog — is […]


Stuck at Home

A temperature of 100.8 ℉ with a chance of vomit, not worthy of a trip to Urgent Care but bad enough to force a change in my plans. Dubsie and I are on our own this weekend, with Mummy away on a business trip, and Friday night I wanted to sneak baby over to see […]


The Great and Totally Disgusting Outdoors

We imagine for Dubsie a life of sand in the toes and cleats in the snowboarding boots, of a nose that is sunburned despite the application of high-SPF sunscreen, of turkey chili nachos gobbled down at the ski lodge in order to make the backside by 3 p.m., of topographical maps and heavy-duty shoelaces and […]


That Kind of Fat


Butter in a pat,

cream in a vat,

leave a dent in the mat where you sat kind of fat.


No ankle or wrists,

break the teeth when you zip,

will the jeans ever fit on those hips kind of fat.



The Power of No

“Dubsie, do you want to play in the snow?” “No!”

Each morning I feed Dubsie her standard breakfast of steel-cut oats, half a mashed banana, a dollop of whole organic milk and — here’s the kicker — a whole hard-boiled egg, shredded into little bits.

Most observers are not fond of this recipe. (“Gruel?” […]


Finding Yourself in a Baby’s Face

The eyes were her mothers’, that was the first thing we knew. Home from the maternity ward I peered into Dubsie’s unfocused peepers and fancied that I saw a hint of blue, a sign of my Northman’s banner carried forward, but no, that was wishful thinking. Those eyes resolved into a profound brown and brown […]


Playing in the Sandbox with My Daughter

Dubsie dearest. Photo by Vita Images.

Because the years are short, because the Year is New, because my daughter Dubsie is 20 months old and growing and morphing faster than a busy father can take note, I resolve to blog about her, every week, during the year of two thousand fifteen.

We climbed the […]


Photo Essay: What I Stumbled Upon in India

Your correspondent has returned from India and is infused with a sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the simple things that America provides that India does not, like tap water fit for drinking, a lack of shame around eating meat, and the opportunity to let my malaria meds expire. But what I am grateful for above […]


What’s Up with Rooftop Farming in NYC?

In the current issue of Sierra magazine you’ll find “Up on the Farm,” a story I wrote about New York City’s newest growth industry: rooftop farming. The placement of greenhouses and dirt plots on top of office buildings has garnered almost universal praise — I mean, how much more local can you get? — but […]