Something’s Come Between Us

At 3 a.m., Dubsie will wake up in her room and rattle the baby gate until she gets what she wants. What she wants is to be carried to our bed, the warm cushy king bed, and installed between her parents. You’d think there’d plenty of room in king bed for two adults and a […]


The Potty Party

The good news is that Dubsie is well on her way to being potty trained. The downside is that this requires more time and vigilance than the days when toilet management meant changing a full diaper. We must get her to the baño regularly, every 90 minutes or so, whether or not she wants to, […]


Sleight of Hand

I am, truth be told, a mediocre sort of person when it comes to hand washing. I disregard the signs that are in every public bathroom these days, instructing good citizens to spend 20 seconds scrubbing every nook and cranny and an additional 10 seconds rinsing. Personally I can pump-soap-rub-palms-splash-water-scrunch-a-towel in about five seconds, and […]


Sound’s Kinda Scary

I keep asking Dubsie if she wants to throw rocks in the Sound, and the answer comes back a stubborn no.

We are living for the week in a cabin on a beach on Camano Island. Camano is one of the islands of the archipelago that occupies Puget Sound. We have just moved from Washington […]


The Grinch Who Stole Childhood

Note to readers: Your correspondent has fallen a bit behind as a blogger in the last few months, due to the tumult surrounding a cross-country move. Watch for a burst of posts in the next week or so.

An announcement, in case it’s not already known: Dubsie and Mummy and I are moving from Washington, […]


Trouble Afoot

Mummy and I have an ongoing difference of opinion regarding Dubsie’s feet, and whether they are to be celebrated or feared.

The thing is that Dubsie has big, fat feet. Observation of Dubsie’s ankle/arch/toe ratio indicates that either 1) this girl’s feet are still in a state of extreme baby chubbiness or 2) she has […]


My Little Lagartija

Dubsie and I have a weekend workout routine. “¡La pista!” (“The track!”) I yell, and she claps her hands and dashes off to find her baby jogger.

With me in my Nikes and her in her five-point restraints, we run to Banneker Park, a public athletic multiplex on 7th Street with an odd-shaped track that […]


What Would Vihaan Do?

In our household, Dubsie’s cousin Vihaan has a sterling reputation. Rarely has there been such a good child. He is a role model at, for example, sitting in a high chair and eating food.

“If Vihaan were here, you know what he would do?” Mummy says to Dubsie, when Dubsie is hyper and un-hungry. “He […]


The Baby Boundary

At 30,000 feet, on a flight somewhere over Ontario, I visit the restroom and fold down the baby-changing station. So much room! Way to go, Air Canada.

I used to spend exactly 0% of my time thinking about baby-changing stations. Now that Dubsie is in my life, I kick the tires on them even if […]


The Radius of Doom

Before Dubsie was born my cousin Alison warned us about what she called the Radius of Doom. Anything within baby’s reach at the table is in imminent danger of spillage, breakage, slobberage, or some other form of annihilation.

We learned to conduct safety sweeps and clear the Radius. But of course that isn’t enough. You […]