Photo Essay: What I Stumbled Upon in India

Your correspondent has returned from India and is infused with a sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the simple things that America provides that India does not, like tap water fit for drinking, a lack of shame around eating meat, and the opportunity to let my malaria meds expire. But what I am grateful for above [...]

What’s Up with Rooftop Farming in NYC?

In the current issue of Sierra magazine you’ll find “Up on the Farm,” a story I wrote about New York City’s newest growth industry: rooftop farming. The placement of greenhouses and dirt plots on top of office buildings has garnered almost universal praise — I mean, how much more local can you get? — but [...]

Calling on Coding Superpowers

Two weeks ago I took a course called Code with Me, designed to help journalists break through their instinctive fear of computer code. During the two-day course, the leaders walked me and several dozen other journalists through markup languages of HTML and CSS and the coding languages of JavaScript and jQuery. [...]

File It in the “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Department

Today I posted on Forbes about a simple, brilliant — and possibly annoying — new way to do extremely targeted marketing to cyclists. [...]

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Fat cats don't much like my new blog at Forbes. Photo credit: Steve Hardy

It’s been an eventful few months here in writer-land, with stories in Forbes, Sierra and Popular Mechanics. Take a look at the latest newsletter!

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Video: Best Green Roofs in New York

In August 2011, I visited New York City in search of its most interesting and attractive green roofs. Here are the best in one entertaining video slideshow. Based on research and visits, I believe the five sites captured here represent the best green roofs in New York, and by “best” I mean I the most unique, diverse and beautiful. If there is a fabulous planted roof in New York that I missed, or another unforgettable spot elsewhere in the country that deserves attention, please let me know in the comments. [...]

The Inspiring Energy Film that Washingtonians Can’t See

Last night I visited the Goethe Institut for a screening of The 4th Revolution, a German documentary that explores how a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy would transform the world. It’s an inspiring, uplifting, and even important film, but not an easy one for Washingtonians to get their hands on.

So far, the [...]

Steve Jobs, a Tribute

When Steve Jobs announced last week that he is leaving Apple, I felt a stab of grief. Part of it is the sadness we all feel, losing the visionary who pulled marvelous rabbits out of the drab beige box of computing, and part of it is personal. My relationship with Steve and his creations goes all the way back to high school. [...]

The Coming Turf Battle for D.C.’s Grease

The market for Washington, D.C.’s leftover cooking oil is heating up. How long before the stuff turns from waste to cash? [...]

Chu: Will America Miss Its “Sputnik Moment” on Energy?

I attended Chu’s presentation and feel I witnessed a historic moment: Many in the cleantech field have been waiting for the Obama administration to invoke the space race as an analogy for the cleantech race. [...]