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Welcome. If you’re here, perhaps you saw my story in Sierra magazine about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Or maybe you found the YouTube video. Peruse the links below to learn more about the groups I covered in the story, as well as others who are working to solve the problem of ocean trash.

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Message in a Bottle

Seabirds are starving with bellies full of trash. Fur seals in New Zealand poop shards of yellow and blue. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of Texas. Now the bad news: Plastic never goes away. The fix? Cut it off at the source. Read more…

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Explore the Garbage Patch

Take Action

Algalita Marine Research Foundation is doing more than anyone to publicize and slow the Patch.

Ocean Conservancy conducts an annual cleanup of beaches around the world and conducts other projects for a healthy ocean.

Project Kaisei plans to reconnoiter the Patch in summer 2009 and envisions capturing plastic and turning it into diesel. Right now they seek funding.

Read Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics blog.

Geek out with Research

International Pellet Watch reads trends in ocean pollution by tracking nurdles.

Marine Pollution Bulletin gathers the latest science.

Educate the Kiddos
Little crab, big impact.
Garbage Patch TV

Watch Charles Moore’s speech at TED.

The Bay v. The Bag

Government & Regional

United States

The Marine Debris Program at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is the lead federal agency. Also, check out the EPA’s page.


The California Ocean Protection Council takes the most global approach to preventing plastic litter. The Clean Seas Coalition focuses on enacting new, ocean-friendly laws.

San Francisco Bay Area — Save the Bay

Southern CaliforniaHeal the Bay

Washington State

Washington CoastSavers cleans up the coast several times a year.