Three Perspectives on Climate Change

Last weekend was all about global warming. First, on Saturday, I attended the Washington, D.C. premiere of “Chasing Ice,” a new adventure documentary in which nature photographer James Balog attempted to capture glaciers in their death swoon.

See my review, and don’t miss the trailer:

On Sunday, I rode my bike to a theater […]


The Great Weight of Asia’s Megacities

A “megacity” is a metropolis of 10 million souls or more. Back in 1950, the world had exactly two: Tokyo and New York. As of 2010, the world had 23 megacities, with 12 of them located in Asia. By 2025, according to the U.N., that number may rise to 37, with 21 of them being in Asia. How are countries like China and India adjusting to such an epic migration? […]


Hide-and-Seek in a Chinese Factory

Workers at a Foxconn factory, China. Photographer unknown.

I almost forgot to mention an interesting story I wrote last month for about Apple and its recent misadventures in China.

The story, Who Makes Your Widgets? Lessons from Apple’s PR Nightmare, is addressed to companies worried about what labor violations might lurk in the […]


The Weekly: Deep Ignorance in the Deep Ocean

From this week’s summary: Our Gulf of knowledge about the oil spill, Indonesia’s rainforests held for ransom, big news from Nissan and Zipcar, and some welcome news for the food movement. […]


The Weekly: The Gulf Threatens a New Victim, China Throws Money Into Wind

News and insights of the week from the world of cleantech and sustainability. […]