A Test Drive of India’s New Electric Car

The boxy little Mahindra e2o I drove around Bangalore back in January.

Back in January, I got the opportunity to test drive the Mahindra e2o, the first new electric car to be built in India in more than a decade. This wasn’t something I expected. On a visit to the new Mahindra Reva factory […]


Moving Through India’s Traffic at a Whisper

For Americans, the automobile horn is emergency equipment, deployed to avoid collision or express road rage. For Indians, the horn is more of a conversational tool, used by everyone — and I mean everyone — as they jostle in traffic. The racket is deafening. One wonders if the Indian motorist is some sort of terrestrial bat, navigating with ears instead of eyes. […]


Die, Bloodsuckers, Die

The most unwelcome sort of wildlife here in South India is the mosquitoes. They are tinier, stealthier versions of their American cousins and are far more dangerous, carrying as they do malaria and (most recently) an outbreak of dengue fever. This emergency calls for…the mosquito bat! […]


The Great Weight of Asia’s Megacities

A “megacity” is a metropolis of 10 million souls or more. Back in 1950, the world had exactly two: Tokyo and New York. As of 2010, the world had 23 megacities, with 12 of them located in Asia. By 2025, according to the U.N., that number may rise to 37, with 21 of them being in Asia. How are countries like China and India adjusting to such an epic migration? […]


Making Your Home More Efficient with Psychedelic Photos

Image credit: Essess

Essess is a Boston company that plans to drive by your home in the middle of the night and create an image that looks like this.

The footage was captured by an infrared thermal camera mounted on a Toyota RAV4, and the resulting picture has been tweaked into what Essess employee […]


New on Forbes: How Wireless Charging Will Make Life Simpler (and Greener)

It almost goes without saying that the more gadgets we buy, the most waste we create. But what if a new kind of device created less waste by its very design? […]