cuba screenshot 2The U.S. Opportunity in Cuba:  I’ve done a number of interviews with Monica Trauzzi, the host of “The Cutting Edge” program at E&ETV. In this episode I discuss a story I wrote about the opening with Cuba and how U.S. energy businesses could benefit if the embargo is lifted. (Note: Afterward, I flew to Cuba and did two followup stories, here and here.)









oil majors screenshotWhy the Oil Majors Are Backing Away from Renewable Energy:  In this E&ETV interview, I talk about one of the most widely-read stories I’ve written. Why did the big oil companies make huge investments in renewable energy, only to retreat a few years later? My reporting yielded an unexpected answer.










trauzzi screenshotTech Rebel Looks to ‘Destroy the Utilities’:  Bill Watkins is one of the energy industry’s most colorful and profane characters. This interview with E&ETV’s Monica Trauzzi explores my profile of him and the towering plans for his energy-storage startup, Imergy.










cutting edge screenshotDavid Crane Wants to Rule — and Overthrow:  David Crane is the CEO of NRG Energy, a traditional fossil-fuel power producer that broke all the rules by expanding into rooftop solar panels and electric-car charging. What is Crane up to? I speak with E&ETV about the a profile I wrote.











urban farmsA Chat About Rooftop Farms: In October 2012 I did a Google+ Hangout with Paul Rauber, an editor at Sierra magazine, about “Up on the Farm,” a story I wrote about Gotham Greens and Brooklyn Grange — two rooftop farms with drastically different approaches to feeding New York City from within.









green roofsBest Green Roofs in NYC: In August 2010, I visited New York City in pursuit of a story about the most attractive and interesting “green roofs” in this most concrete of cities. Here’s a video tour of my five favorites.










tarantulasA Visit to Not for the squeamish! I shot this video during a visit to America’s leading breeder of tarantulas, scorpions, and other poisonous creepy-crawlies.