A Chat About Rooftop Farms: In October 2012 I did a Google+ Hangout with Paul Rauber, an editor at Sierra magazine, about “Up on the Farm,” a story I wrote for the November/December issue about Gotham Greens and Brooklyn Grange — two rooftop farms with drastically different approaches to feeding New York City from within.


Best Green Roofs in NYC: In August 2010, I visited New York City in pursuit of a story about the most attractive and interesting “green roofs” in this most concrete of cities. Here’s a video tour of my five favorites.


A Visit to Not for the squeamish! I shot this video during a visit to America’s leading breeder of tarantulas, scorpions, and other poisonous creepy-crawlies.


5 Ways to Save the Ocean: One of the best assignments I’ve ever received was a long feature in Sierra magazine about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the swirling mass of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. (See the feature here.) I made this companion video to tell readers what they could do to prevent plastic from entering our ecosystem.


India on the Move: On my first trip to India in 2009, I was astonished by the traffic — its color, sounds, variety, and danger. I made this video so others could experience the exhilarating pageant of modern India.


Slackline Surfing: You never know what’s going to go viral on YouTube. In 2008, I went on a mini-expedition with Damian Cooksey, one of the world’s most accomplished slackliners. I casually shot this video of him “surfing” a slackline, and it has received more hits than all my other videos put together.