City of Eagles

Just as I visited Libby, Montana, the town was putting a bold new face on its tragic past, a face with beady eyes and a curved beak. The morning of July 4 saw the official inauguration of Libby as “The City of Eagles.”

Libby does have real, blood-and-feathers eagles, as evidenced by the Eagle Cam, but it’s the giant steel ones that really grab your attention. They are apparently the handiwork of the high-school shop teacher, who is displaying skills beyond the classroom.

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5 comments to City of Eagles

  • mohsen coupi

    thanks for fotos

  • George Jones

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, Kelly. Too bad your opinion is wrong. It take a shallow person to call the citizens of Libby idiots. It’s a shame what happened to Libby. Libby should be proud of these eagles as these are very beautiful to behold in person. I hope that Libby continues to survive the tragedy that happened to them and will return to the beautiful town that it is. Libby is truely “The City of Eagles”!

  • Local Libby Guy

    I think that the name would have been more accepted by the public of Libby if they had more choice or say in the matter. I don’t like or dislike the name.

    I have to wonder if the people involved in the name were even from Libby, we get a lot of tourists that move here, and then they think that after living here Six months they have earned the right to run things… and that they are “native” locals.

    Libby Loggers? What happened to putting up loggers around town??? OH WAIT LOGGING IS A DEAD INDUSTRY, but TOURISM. Thats forever… or at least until the population gets to big, and the eagles hide. Everyone loves eagles right?

    Bad loggers. Good Eagles… I think I see a pile of Green Shift.

  • Local Libby Guy

    Everyone involved in the “City of Eagles” project from the artist to the former county commissioner are long long time Libby residents -many were born and raised here. It is so sad that instead of trying to support positive efforts at improving Libby’s image from “the city of death” there are always people who need to snipe and shoot down any effort to improve things. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion – but why must some people in Libby insist on circling the wagons just to shoot each other.

    My mother used to say ….If you can’t say something nice….

    No one is stopping any of you from making your own contribution to making the town better. If you don’t like something, get off your you know what and work toward making the town better.

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