India: A Nation on the Move

Hello, and welcome to my first movie. Last month I returned from a three-week trip to India, starting with Chennai in the South and then to the Golden Triangle of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi to the North. I shot footage from taxis, the bus and a bicycle rickshaw, and even from the back of an elephant.

This movie is all about motion because India is on the move these days. No matter where you go, people sweep, sell, travel, talk, argue and gesture with relish. Even in a land bound by such deep traditions one gets a sense of hustle. I hope this movie conveys that energy for those who haven’t yet seen India for themselves.

5 comments to India: A Nation on the Move

  • Aaron

    AMAZING video! I’m going to be watching your site now, great stuff and fun reading thanksss!!

    oh! Just out of curiosity, what is the name of the song playing in this? so beautiful

  • admin

    The song is “Kumbakonam” by A.R. Rehman, the same composer who just won an Oscar for the soundtrack to “Slumdog Millionaire.” Isn’t the song amazing? It was playing in the taxi during the footage I took in Chennai. I enjoyed it so much that I found the track through Shazam and set the rest of my film to it. Glad you enjoyed the experience.

  • Aaron

    Ah! Thanks so much =] =]
    I still haven’t seen that, i believe i will go out and watch it today 😛

    Thats what i REALLY liked about your video, how it started playing while in the car and then without realizing it was suddenly playing through the whole vid. Can’t wait for your next vid!

  • Aaron

    I decided to look up that song, I cannot find it ANYWHERE to download lol.

    Could you help me get it perhaps ^^?

  • admin

    Hi Aaron — the song is quite hard to find. I did it only with some serious help from my wife’s cousin, who is both Indian AND a tech whiz (I don’t think it would have happened if he weren’t both).

    Sorry to say I don’t have a breadcrumb trail to trace where it came from!

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