Will Economic Growth Destroy the Environment — or Save It?

This afternoon I fly to Lubbock, a town at the base of the Texas panhandle, for the annual meeting of the Society of Environmental Journalists. The conference is one of the professional highlights of the year because I learn the latest about the burning issues and get to huddle with really smart reporters and editors.

This year it is even more special because I am moderating my first-ever conference session. The topic: “Will Economic Growth Destroy the Environment — or Save It?

The session is the brainchild of Marc Gunther, a fellow Washington, D.C. environmental journalist, but he was unable to moderate due to a conflict. I’m happy to be stepping in for him and hope to guide a substantive conversation.

The participants include Brooke Buchanan, the head of sustainability communications for Walmart; William Caesar, the head of recycling and organics for Waste Management; Brian Czech, the founder of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy; and Bud Weinstein, a applied economist from the University of North Texas.

Learn more about the panelists at today’s blog post on Forbes. While there — or here, for that matter — chime in on what you think I should ask.

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