I’m a journalist who writes about energy technology. My passion is to find a fascinating story, research the heck out of it, and present it in an engaging, exciting way.

In 2014 I started as a reporter with E&E Publishing and its publication EnergyWire, where I write about how energy technology is changing our lives. Before that I worked for years as a freelancer, with assignments that included “Innovate,” a column in Sierra magazine about energy technology and the people who make it, and the “Man vs. Nature” blog at Forbes. Along the way, I have served as lifestyle editor of Sierra and managing editor of Matter Network and have contributed stories to Popular Science, Wired News, Macworld, Men’s Journal, Popular Mechanics, Smithsonian, The New York Times, and many other publications.

With experience as newspaper reporter, freelancer, columnist, blogger, and magazine and website editor, I bring a range of skills to the inquiry. My schooling and a lifetime of good editors have drummed into me a ferocious commitment to accuracy, finding the right data, asking hard questions and conducting insightful interviews.

I love storytelling in all its multimedia forms. On a 2007 climb up Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, I did an audio blog by satellite and later turned it into a podcast. When fate sent me to Manhattan for a year, I wrote a daily journal of the experience in the blog A Year in New York.

Outdoor adventure sports are a continuing obsession and have helped shape my writing and career. In the year 2000, I raced in the Eco-Challenge, a 300-mile, 12-day team multisport adventure race on the jungle island of Borneo. That led to a six-year stint as a personal trainer, fitness boot-camp instructor, and teacher of ChiRunning in Marin County, California. As a mountaineer, I have summited peaks around the world, from Rainier in Washington State to Whitney in California, and Orizaba in Mexico to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Other outdoor pursuits include triathlons, trail running, surfing, and most recently, whitewater kayaking.

To recap more than a decade in journalism, I hold a bachelor’s in communication from University of California, San Diego and a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University. I’ve been a staff writer for three California newspapers, covering education for The Reporter in Vacaville, crime and courts for The Argus in Fremont, and the city halls of Berkeley and Richmond for the Contra Costa Times. I’ve also worked as a freelance correspondent for Reuters News Service in East Africa. See my favorite stories here.

I live in Washington D.C., where I enjoy the company of my lovely wife and our adorable daughter.